3 quirky beauty tutorials with Jenna Marbles

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By: Dave Taylor | Frenchie Aguilh Posted: 5:18 PM, Mar 29, 2017

The internet is an interesting place with something for everyone: You can watch animals in the wild majestically hunt for prey. Or watch a scholar give an engaging talk about politics in our modern times…or you can watch YouTube Star Jenna Marbles add a little bling to her face. And by a little, we mean a face-covering amount of bling.

Jenna, we thank you. Because sometimes when you're having a rough day, you don't want to learn about the desert ground squirrel or think about the effects of ancient literature on our modern media. Sometimes, you just want to see a funny girl make herself look like a "crystal Santa". You don't have to think about why it's funny – it just is. Jenna, you are what the internet is about. "Everyone has different dreams, okay, and this one's mine," Jenna says with her rhinestone beard on, and nothing has inspired us more.

This video isn't the first time Jenna has applied a drastic look to her face for the sake of hilarity. Check out these other three videos of Jenna giving us some beauty advice-ish with opposite contouring, a drunk makeup tutorial, and makeup with a special guest…

1. Drunk Makeup Tutorial

What happens when you go day drinking and your buddies say, "Let's meet up in a few hours to keep the party going" and you've got to do your makeup? Jenna's got you covered with this not too tricky drunk makeup tutorial.

2. Opposite Contour Tutorial

Everyone knows contouring is the thing in makeup trends today. But have you ever thought how fierce you'd look if you contoured…backwards? Jenna's got the answer with this beauty vid.

3. Doing My Boyfriend's Makeup Tutorial

Ladies aren't the only ones getting pretty on Jenna's channel. Guys, get your beauty fix in with Jenna's makeup demonstration on her (very patient, very cooperative) boyfriend.

*Bonus Vid For the Win:

You've probably seen this video as it was everywhere but it's too good not to post again. Check out what happens when Jenna contributes to the "100 Coats of Things" viral trend by putting together the ultimate 100 coats video:

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