3 Radical ‘80s Fashion Trends That are Making a Comeback

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By: Teresa Strasser | Elyse Johnson Posted: 7:22 PM, May 12, 2017 Updated: 11:23 AM, Jul 5, 2018

Last year was all about the ‘70s so now naturally 2017 is all about the ‘80s. Teresa Strasser met up with fashion expert Elyse Johnson to find out about three radical trends that are back and hotter than ever.

1.  Fanny Packs

All the big fashion houses have them from Gucci to Stella McCartney, but she says cool styles can be budget friendly.

2.  Neon

Don’t go full neon. Pick one item – it can be a jacket, or your shoes or socks.

3.  Shoulders

The fit should be easy with three ways to wear it – do a shoulder pad, off the shoulder or the one shoulder.

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