3 Real & Creepy Ways to Find a Virtual Companion

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By: Kristina Guerrero | Orlando Morales Posted: 6:37 PM, Feb 9, 2017

In our busy lives many are choosing to focus on their careers and family rather than finding a significant other. Enter the world of digital partners! This is a way to get a sense of companionship without the time and commitment. It’s a little sad and a little weird, but it’s a thing, Kristina Guerrero has three real ways to find a virtual companion.

1.  Gatebox

This is a virtual robot that starts your day by telling you the weather and your schedule, and making it clear she's crushing on you. Tender touches throughout the day include texts like "have fun at work" or "come home early." If you say no she responds with disappointment. On the other hand, if you text her before you come home then she's so excited she'll get your smart home ready for you! This one is creepy meets cool. You can preorder one for around $2,600. Plans are to ship in December which gives you plenty of time to brush up on your Japanese since it only speaks that language.

2.  Invisible Girlfriend & Boyfriend

For men and women, this service sends text messages like you'd get from a significant other except they come from a person not a bot. You pick a photo, a personality and make up a story on how you met. Once you select a monthly plan and subscribe you can tell your co-workers family and friends that you are dating. When they ask for proof he can show them pictures, text messages, voicemail's calls and gifts. Just be careful with your invisible lover. If the conversation turns naughty your account will be suspended so be on your best behavior. It costs $15 to $25 for a hundred texts and you can even work for the company sending texts.

3.  My Virtual Girlfriend & Boyfriend

This is a free app for Apple and Android devices that lets you make a palm sized dream boat. You select and customize a character, but there's more! Get personal by changing your lovers face by taking a picture directly from your camera or photo library. You can date that certain celebrity or cutie from class. It has 35 levels of gameplay where you go on dates and engage in conversations.

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