3 reasons this rescue elephant will melt the coldest of hearts

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Posted: 7:34 PM, Jun 8, 2017

Usually when a herd of elephants runs toward you, you don't shoot video, you run, but not in this case. A herd at Thailand's Elephant Nature Park is trotting over to greet a newly rescued baby elephant. The precious video has gone viral and you can check it out below.

Here are three reasons this sweet rescue elephant will melt your heart:

1.  The sweet rescue elephant, Dok Geaw, is only 2, but is over 1,700 pounds of adorableness.

2.  Other elephants are so excited to say HI to this cute baby that they are running to meet him.

3.  Dok Geaw might be an orphan, but he has a beautiful new family at Thailand's Elephant Nature Park!

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