3 Reasons to Fall in Love with Beauty and Lord Voldemort

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Posted: 10:13 PM, Feb 14, 2017

The live-action Beauty and the Beast is one of the year's most highly anticipated new movies and stars Emma Watson, who also played Hermione in the Harry Potter movies. The popular YouTube channel PistolShrimps put together a fun take on it with the Beast as Lord Voldemort. The EPIC mashup video going viral! Check it out below:

Here are three reasons to fall in love with Beauty and Lord Voldemort!

1.  Hermione and Lord Voldemort look kind of cute together, right?!

2.  The special effects in this mashup are fitting of a big budget Hollywood movie.

3.  There's something quite magical seeing two worlds we love so much as they collide into one epic YouTube video.

You can check out the official final trailer for Beauty and the Beast below:

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