3 reasons why being a kid nowadays would be the worst

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By: Jared Cotter | Kristina Guerrero | Dave Taylor | Frenchie Aguilh Posted: 6:54 PM, Aug 10, 2017

Being an adult can be the absolute worst. Between bills, errands, and laundry, sometimes you just wish you were a kid again; but it's not easy being a kid in 2017 either. From Disney to Cheetos, your favorite childhood things are making waves online in ways that will change kids' lives forever. So grab a snack and a juice box: Jared Cotter and Kristina Guerrero have this week's top stories, proving that it might not be too bad to be a grown up.

1. It's Not You, It's Disney

If your inner child likes to relax with their favorite Disney movie after a long day, you won't be able to find it on Netflix after 2019. The company plans to create their own streaming service (How surprising) and once they do, your favorite Disney characters will have a new home. Can you imagine being a child without Disney films readily available? How else will you escape the harsh realities of homework and chores?

At least adults have other options for relaxation and escape. And if we don't want to do any of those, at least we have the money for a new Disney product. Mickey Mouse does not work for allowance money.

2. Phone A Friend

According to a new study, teens and kids are starting to prefer interacting with others via their phones and social media than actually go out and see them in person. It might seem ridiculous, but think about it: The hardest thing about going out is getting off the couch and putting pants back on.

Do you know how fast kids grow? They buy new pants, shoes, you name it, almost every other week. The idea of having to find the right clothes just to go out and take selfies is exhausting. Why leave the house when you can just text your friend a selfie of yourself instead?

3. What a Cheesy Restaurant…

Tourists and city dwellers in NYC will be able to pop into a new pop-up restaurant serving appetizers, entrees, and desserts…infused with Cheetos. Literally, it's devoted to all things Cheetos. You know who loves Cheetos? Kids. You know who probably had the idea to open a restaurant that only serves Cheetos related dishes?

An actual child.

And now that kid is out of a business plan. Thanks a lot, grown-ups.

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