3 Reasons Why We Want to Be in Mr. Reed’s Class

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By: Jaime Purvis | Dave Taylor Posted: 5:56 PM, Aug 23, 2016

Back-to-school can be a scary time for kids, parents and sometimes teachers. Dwayne Reed is a fourth grade teacher from Chicago who wants everyone to love going back. He came up with this amazing rap that helps prepare students for what they can expect in his class. Take it away Mr. Reed!

Here's three reasons why we want to be a student in Mr. Reed's class!

1. We will create cool songs to learn the material

Can there be music videos too?

2. He'll give us an A+ if we try hard

Some teacher refuse to give out an A+!

3. He has a reading corner in his class with bean bags

Reading will be so much fun sitting in a bean bag.

Go teacher, go teacher, go teacher! Share this video with parents you know who are sending their kiddos back-to-school!