3 Reasons Women Should Shop In the Men’s Section

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By: Donna Ruko | Shannon Richards Posted: 9:13 PM, Jun 7, 2016

It can be difficult to find the best and cheapest deals on clothes. There is no mistake about that. So ladies, listen up! If you're looking to score a good deal, it’s time to start shopping beyond the women's section of the store. Donna Ruko and Lifestyle Expert, Rachelle McCray, are trying on clothes from the men's department, and finding big savings!

1.  Pants

You might want to look for more of the ‘90s grunge look that's coming into style. Now’s the perfect time to steal your boyfriend's jeans! That boy jean fit is really in style right now and if they're too long, just cuff the ankles.

2.  Shirts

You're going to want to look for tanks, flannels, and undershirts. One thing to keep in mind is you may want to mix and match clothes you already have in your wardrobe, like wearing a tank under a men's button down shirt.

3.  Sleepwear

You’re going to want to look for baggier pants, baggier shirts, and of course that boyfriend t-shirt look. Men's wear is perfect for binge watching and binge eating! It’s totally possible to pull a few items from the men's department and come out looking really fashionable.

Getting the most bang for your buck may mean thinking outside of the box, or in this case, outside of your department!

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