3 reasons you should give coliving a try

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By: Kristina Guerrero | Cassarah Coffey Posted: 5:18 PM, Mar 22, 2017

When you think of dorm life, you probably think of college students, but now adults are getting wise to it with coliving. Companies such as Ollie and Common are developing living spaces that usually involves a room or a very small studio within a building that has common areas to enjoy and people are lining up for it.  Kristina Guerrero and Ollie's Christopher Bledsoe have three practical reasons you should give this hot trend a try.

1.  The Cost

These companies are hitting a value proposition to the consumer that's offering convince, comfort, and community in a way that is packaged together and at price points that aren't otherwise available.

2.  The Amenities

A lot of these spots offer access to concierge service, housekeeping, furniture, social clubs and it almost feels like you're living in a hotel. The desire for on-demanding living where you can show up into the apartment for the first time with a backpack full of clothes, a laptop, and some toiletries and you're ready to go has great appeal.

3.  The Community

Coliving provides opportunities to bring others into your household, to live with roommates that you're compatible with, or to live on your own, but in a community where there's a community manager that who's sole responsibility is to drive engagement — whether that is attending weekend brunches, or a ski trip or yoga sessions. Providing activities is a key factor to the communal living model.

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