3 reasons you’ll fall in love with this lost Allstate commercial

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By: Dave Taylor Posted: 7:39 PM, Jul 31, 2017

It’s time to grab the tissue box. Imagine having not heard a loved one's voice in 20 years and then just like that, there they are. Meet Guisto Patinella. Though he died 23 years ago, his daughter Gina is about to see and hear him again. Allstate helped her track down this 1971 commercial of his that she had never seen. See the whole tear-jerking video below.

Here are three reasons you’ll fall in love with this lost Allstate commercial:

1. Gina's reaction seeing her dad in the commercial is melting our hearts.

2. The brother gets surprised with seeing his dad in the lost Allstate commercial on his wedding day. His tears are giving us tears!

3. Guisto would be proud seeing the love between his daughter and son.

WEB BONUS: Guisto Patinella's Original Allstate Commercial

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