3 relaxation gadgets to help you chill out

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By: Kristina Guerrero Posted: 10:12 PM, Sep 6, 2017

Back to school can sometimes mean back to stress, but there is some cool new tech that wants to help you chill out. Kristina Guerrero has three relaxation gadgets to help you de-stress your life.

1.  TouchPoint Wristband

It helps with focus and sleep, and claims to reduce your stress level in as little as 30 seconds. By giving a gentle vibration, it lowers your fight or flight response and allows you to act calmly in stressful situations. They can be clipped on your clothes, held in your hands, or worn as a watch. It's available to preorder online for around $120 with plans to ship next month.

2.  The Pip Device

The one makes managing stress fun by pairing a device with video games. It actually connects your emotions to the game. The calmer you are, the better you perform. The Pip is available online around $179.

3.  Dreampad Pillow

Using a phone or an MP3 player, this product sends relaxing music through the pillow by vibration rather than by airwaves. It won't keep your partner awake and studies have shown it will lull you to sleep almost immediately. You can find Dreampad Pillow online around $149.

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