3 robot butlers that will blow your mind

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By: Jared Cotter | Orlando Morales Posted: 1:51 PM, Mar 2, 2017

Rosie, the robot maid from The Jetsons used to be a figment of some cartoonist's crazy imagination, but not anymore. Jared Cotter has three high-tech robot butlers changing the way we live.

1.  Gita

This cargo robot concept knows how to roll and the visionary valet is all about lugging stuff when you're shopping or transporting things. It can hold up to 40 pounds while traveling at a brisk 22 miles per hour. Details like price and release date are slim, but the company promises more updates later this year.

2.  Everybot

This is an automaton that spins and mops floors spic and span. While you're away it'll spend its day wet and dry mopping all while dodging obstacles like furniture and pets. The coolest feature — you can pick it up to clean things like walls, windows, even the hood of your car. You can preorder one for around $230 and they should ship in March.

3.  KOBI

This is an outdoor robot that wants to mow your lawn, rake your leaves and even blow away snow. They should go on sale soon for around $400.

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