3 Secret Tips for a Successful Career Change

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By: Lindsey Granger Posted: 11:49 PM, Sep 1, 2016

You worked for years to establish yourself at your job, but now you have the undeniable urge to change careers. It may sound crazy, but you're not alone and it can be done. Lindsey Granger has three secrets to change careers, and end up on top.

1.  Prepare For the Moment

When you're changing your career it can be really scary, but you have to know you're not the only person that's done this.

2.  It’s Never Too Late

Realizing that you may have to push past some fears but in pushing past your fears you don't have to totally get out of your comfort zone. Once you go within and connect with your passion, it will guide you.

3.  Move In Silence

Move the way you want to and just be quiet about it, be strategic, know your goal and work towards that.

There’s always risk when changing careers, but bold moves can also change your life, and for the better.

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Start It as a Hobby

“Start it as a hobby,  get familiar with it, get into it and who knows where it leads… This whole painting thing for me is unfolding naturally. I don’t have to go do something. I just paint and put it out there and now it’s become my new path.”

Cater to Your Audience

“Right now I have an online gallery on ETSY called The Power of Circles and you can see a lot of my work there. I customize any piece to various size and shapes. There is a distinct look to all of my artwork, but no two pieces are alike.”

Never Lose Passion

“When you’re working from that place of passion it’s easy to turn it into profit, because you’re tapping into what your soul knows, and that comes with a certain self-confidence and assurance that you will be able to push past fears and actually be able to become successful with it.

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