3 secret ways to look years younger for less

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By: Jimmy Rhoades Posted: 5:23 PM, Apr 14, 2017

We're a society obsessed with looking young and people pay dearly to achieve that goal, but now more folks are saying "no" to facelifts and finding the value in some simple preventive measures. Jimmy Rhoades and clinical aesthetician Victoria Nash have three ways to look years younger for less.

1.  Cottage Cheese Thighs

Liposuction can cost as much as $11,000, but prevention will cost you pennies. Just brew a big pot of coffee and put it in a bath tub of water. You're going to soak for 20 minutes and the next morning your cellulite's going to be less noticeable.

2.  Gorilla Hands

It’s important to protect yourself when you get a manicure. Those lights age your skin 40 times faster. Adding injectable in the hands costs about $1,700, but prevention is just pennies. Take a pair of disposable gloves and cut off the fingers. This way your hands are protected.

3.  Droopy Eyes

Our eyes have the thinnest skin on our body so eyelifts are very popular and can cost around $7,000. Here's a bit of free prevention advice. Take your ring fingers and gently put them on your eyes. Now, you want to blink 20 times and that's going to help remove fluid and toxins that are trapped and you can actually taste it.

We all get older, but pennies of prevention now can save you dollars of cure later on.

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