3 Secrets Your Barber Should Absolutely Be Telling You

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By: Bradley Hasemeyer | Jessica Robertson Posted: 6:57 PM, Jan 26, 2017

For a guy, there are few places more relaxing than a barbershop, but since the person who cuts your hair is basically using the tools doctors use for surgery, it's a good idea to ask some basic questions. Bradley Hasemeyer and UpTown Barbershop’s Rony Vagudaev have three secrets your barber should absolutely be telling you.

1.  Disinfecting Tools

Barbicide kills viruses and bacteria, like hepatitis, staph, even HIV, but not every barber uses it. Some will even use food coloring to cut costs. Barbicide has a combination of ammonia and alcohol smell. Just give it a sniff and you’ll know. As for the hair clippers, watch to make sure your barber is spraying them down with a disinfectant.

2.  Fresh Razor

There are barbers out there that are using the same blade all day and even all week. Watch the barber to make sure they take the old blade out, dispose of it properly and get a fresh blade from a sealed package. The blades are fairly inexpensive.

3.  Electric Shavers

Do not let your barber use an electric shaver on you. It's a great machine; but for personal use only. Just use it on yourself at home. It can cause barber's rash which is painful and leaves lasting scars.

Remember, if the license on the wall is up-to-date, chances are you can sit back and enjoy the hot towel!

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