3 Shark Tank losers winning big time after the show

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By: Jared Cotter Posted: 4:05 PM, Jul 30, 2017

On the hit show Shark Tank we see the successes of companies that the Sharks have invested in, but what about the companies that they don’t give money to? Jared Cotter found some businesses that may have lost on the show, but still managed to win in real life.

1.  The Smart Baker

Husband and wife Daniel and Stephanie Rensing hit the tank to pitch their baking accessories like the cheat sheet apron and three tier cupcake stands. They got out of the tank with a win, but it later fell through. These tough cookies persisted though and now their products are sold at Michaels craft stores across the country.

2.  Xero Shoes

CEO Steven Sashen says today’s footwear starts you off on the wrong foot, but the Sharks didn't take the bait. That would stop a lot of people in their tracks, but after the episode aired, thousands of new orders poured in, bringing them over the $7 million mark in sales.

3.  Coffee Meets Bagel

Arum and Dawoon Kang created the app that sets guys up to 21 matches every day. Female users are only sent the men who like them. Unfortunately the judges didn't swipe right on the idea until Shark Mark Cuban changed his mind and made the biggest offer in shark tank history. Good move because they didn’t give up any part of their company and have quadrupled their members. According to Forbes they've raised more than $11.2 million.

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