3 ‘Shark Tank’ Winners Going Back for Seconds

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By: Jimmy Rhoades | Cassarah Coffey Posted: 8:20 PM, Sep 22, 2016

When entrepreneurs go on ABC’s hit show Shark Tank they're hoping the "Sharks" will take a chance on them, but just because they take the bait on one product, doesn't mean that's where it stops.  Jimmy Rhoades has three shark-invested companies that grew into something more.

1.  Tower Paddle Boards

Stephan Aarstol hooked Mark Cuban with his rigid inflatable boards you can roll up and stick in your trunk. Now he has a new product called Tower Snorkel Mask and it uses dry top technology to keep water out of the air tube. Always an active investor, Cuban insisted that Tower market the masks.

2.  Scrub Daddy

Aaron Krause netted QVC queen Lori Greiner for $200,000 and 20% equity in what became one of the best-selling products from the show. Now, he's expanding his family of products with the Scrub Mommy, and Scrub Daisy.

3.  Breathometer

Christopher Michael Yim is the only entrepreneur to have lured all five sharks with one product. Now, he's chumming the waters with Mint, a device-app combo that measures other aspects of your breath.

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