3 Signs You’re In a Hipster Neighborhood

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By: Teresa Strasser | Orlando Morales Posted: 8:50 PM, Jul 13, 2016

With the recent Brexit, many financial experts are predicting the fed will cut interest rates even more. Well, if you're looking to buy, many are finding success in hipster hoods, areas that are being revitalized, leading to a fat increase in property values!

Now, the first thing you need to do is actually find one of these ever growing types of neighborhoods. Here are three signs you're in a hipster hood.

1.  Yummy Food

Look for vegan restaurants, for coffee shops, and eclectic cuisine in general, such as Barrio, the number one Mexican restaurant. They are adding some spice to the hipster scene, and the hipsters are eating it up.

2.  Awesome Street Art

If you see cool murals all around the surrounding areas, chances are, you have found a hipster hood. It’s all about expression and passion.

3.  Easy to Get Around

Hipsters want to be in close proximity to their culture. If you like your $9 coffee, you want to be able to walk to your single press, organic, locally sourced, farm grown coffee shop.

A lot of times these hipster areas have been lower income areas that are being revitalized, so make sure to be careful on your search to live the hipster life. Most areas are safe and offer a fantastic lifestyle.

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