3 simple tips to start a career in computer coding

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By: Jared Cotter | Cassarah Coffey Posted: 5:27 PM, Jun 7, 2017

Don't want a computer to steal your job?  There's an easy solution – get a job where you tell them what to do. Coding is extremely important to learn because it's how you get work down in the 21st century. So where do you begin? Jared Cotter and freeCodeCamp’s Quincy Larson have three simple tips to start a career in writing code.

1.  Learn Online for Free

Harvard has a free online course called CS50, like CS Science 50, it's the most popular of Harvard courses and totally free. You can do it online at your leisure online. A lot of these resources are completely self-paced. You can also join a program like freeCodeCamp to build your portfolio and expand your knowledge while helping nonprofit groups.

2.  App Academy

App Academy came up with a tuition model where students only have to pay them if they find a job as a software engineer after the course. You may not pay tuition upfront, but you will pay 23 percent of your first year's income to the school and a $5,000 deposit that you get back after you complete the 12 week program.

3.  Coding Toys

Fisher-Price’s Code-A-Pillar is geared to teaching toddlers a very basic level of coding and then they can graduate to something a little more complex like COJI by WowWee.

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