3 sites paying the most for your old clothes and junk

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By: Frenchie Aguilh Posted: 7:12 PM, Jul 13, 2017

Summer is the season of fun but it can also be the season of piling up clothes: new threads for the BBQs ahead; kids going to college, leaving clothes they'll never see again. You could put your forgotten clothes in the attic to totally donate them later; but if you could make money off of them, would you? We found 3 websites making it easy to sell your old stuff and get you your money's worth – and you don't even have to leave your air conditioning!

1. Tradesy

One of the most inclusive online selling sites, Tradesy takes every kind of clothing from hundreds of designers and brands – they even take your new or like-new fragrances and share-safe cosmetics to sell! Even better, the site deducts one of the lowest commissions from your sale of any online consignment store, which means more cash in your pocket.

Just take a few pictures of your item on their app and post it – Tradesy experts will propose a price for your item, remove the background of your photos for you, so your items pop on the site's page. And when you make a sale, they send you the pre-paid shipping and packaging. Talk about full service!

2. ThredUp

ThredUp is one of the largest online thrift stores and takes it all from over 90 brands including Target, H&M, Disney, Old Navy – even Walmart!

The site features a unique clothing calculator that lets you look up how much you'll be paid for your items. After estimating your payout, you don't even have to get in the car! Just order one of their Clean Out Kits, complete with pre-paid and addressed shipping labels to send back for free, and schedule a pickup! ThredUp will review your clothes and pay you 40% of the resale value, which you can cash out for spending with PayPal, donate, or save as credit to buy more items on the site!

3. Depop

Depop is the perfect place for selling worn-in, unique, and even DIY clothing pieces, home decor items, and cool looking random stuff. You can sell those mom jeans you regret buying (the kids these days love Mom/Dad jeans), clothes your teens might be totally over, or get rid of some knick knacks and kitchen items taking up space.

Get to selling by downloading the free app, creating your store, and then taking photos of what you'd like to sell. A bit more personal than the other two sites, users can browse your store and directly message you for information or pricing. When you make a sale, Depop helps you pick the right prices for your shipping rates; and they even add insurance to your packages!

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