3 Smart Freebies from the Top Phone Carriers

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By: Jimmy Rhoades Posted: 11:52 PM, Oct 9, 2017

You pay for the carrier and then you pay for all the content like Netflix and Hulu. This can all add up to a lot of expenses each month. Now some of the major carriers in the phone game are offering some excellent freebies that can save you some cash. Jimmy Rhodes and Techish founder Jennifer Jolly have the top three deals worth checking out.

1.  T-Mobile and Netflix

The One Familly Plan with two or more lines, you get Netflix paid for by T-Mobile. So even if you already have a Netflix subscription, they'll cover the cost of that for you, so that's an average savings of about $120 a year right there.

2.  AT&T and HBO GO

This is a conglomerate leveraging its brands. AT&T owns DirecTV and is trying to buy Time-Warner, which owns HBO. So AT&T makes you sign up for a free DirecTV NOW account to stream HBO. You'll never leave their bubble. Or your couch.

3.  Verizon and ???

It's rumored that a content offering for unlimited plans could be unveiled any day now, most likely either expanding their existing relationship with the NFL, or partnering with Hulu or Amazon.

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