3 Smart Home Security Gadgets That Won’t Break the Bank

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By: Bradley Hasemeyer | Todd Covelli Posted: 5:05 PM, Oct 10, 2016

Feeling secure at home used to come at a steep price — installs costing upwards of $1,200, plus monthly monitoring fees. These days you can keep eyes on your house, inside and out, for under $250. Bradley Hasemeyer has three budget-friendly home security cameras that will keep you safe and won’t break the bank.

1.  Ring Video Doorbell

This replaces your old doorbell, installs in minutes and works through your smartphone The HD camera has motion sensors and sends clips to the cloud. Ring starts at $199 and video clip storage costing $30 a year.

2.  iBaby Monitor M6S

This gadget is loaded with unique features, sets up in less than a minute and uses your smartphone as a monitor. iBaby has a movable HD camera, temperature and humidity sensors, and it even plays music. This one will cost you around $230.

3.  Blink Home Camera System

This security camera features motion detection and record five second clips that are stored in the cloud. You can setup the entire system in less than five minutes and it runs for two years on one set of batteries. This gadget starts out at $99 for a single camera system, and you can add up to ten more!

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