3 Smart Sports Gadgets Making You the MVP

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By: Jared Cotter Posted: 9:29 PM, Oct 13, 2017

Want to really be connected to your favorite sport? Try adding a dose of smart! Jared Cotter has three sports gadgets that could help make you or someone you know the MVP.

1.  DribbleUp

The basketball is regulation size and weight but has been specially designed for tracking with an embedded optical marker that connects to an app to help make you a ball handler. You’ll also have a virtual trainer to motivate you and show you the moves. Pick one up for around $80.

2.  Lumo Run

It fits right in the waistband of your shorts as opposed to other trackers and gives you feedback on your smartphone in real time. Access your personal data from anywhere with a full post run analysis on your smartphone. No goggles, no wristbands, no wires, just your desire to be great. Pick one up for around $99.

3.  miCoach Smart Ball

This smart ball is a soccer ball with a sensor built into the ball and it measures speed, spin, strike point and the flight path of the ball. Of course, all that is sent to an app on your smartphone. Seeing a theme here? There’s simple coaching modes to learn to strike the ball properly. They then move on to how to strike it with power and then learning how to apply curve, spin to the ball so you can learn to get it around the wall or over the wall. Made by Adidas, the company believes this will be the new norm for training. This one is also available for around $99.

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