3 Smartphones That Will Make You Forget About Apple

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By: Jimmy Rhoades Posted: 5:13 PM, Nov 10, 2016

Apple and Samsung own the mobile market, but there are actually some new smartphones out there that are just as good. Jimmy Rhoades has three smart choices that will even save you some money.

1.  Google Pixel

If there's a main differentiator here, it's the built-in seamless integration of Google's suite of web-based services. The Pixel runs Android and starts at $649.

2.  Amazon Blu

If you're willing to live with all the ads, it starts at $60. You can buy it for less than three months of payments on a Samsung you can't take on a plane. With a relatively small volume of voting, the line of Blu phones has Amazon ratings that range from just OK, to a solid four stars.

3.  Motorola Moto Z

The selling point for the Moto is "Mods" — modular components that snap onto the phone with strong magnets, turning it into a projector, a boom box or a better-than-a-normal cellphone camera. An unlocked Moto Z is $700 bucks and the Mods run from $80 to $300.

Hey, Samsung and Apple make great phones, but don't limit your shopping to just two brands. If you do, you’ll miss out on some great deals.

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