3 Smartwatches Your Kids Will Love

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By: Jared Cotter | Jessica Robertson Posted: 10:44 PM, Dec 20, 2017

If your child isn’t ready for a smartphone yet, why not start them off with a smartwatch? Jared Cotter's showing you this year's Top 3 smartwatches made for smart kids!

1. Octopus

Ages 3 and Up

The Octopus is the first icon-based smartwatch that empowers kids by teaching and rewarding good habits. Parents set up tasks from an app on their phone, and Octopus sends reminder alerts to the kid’s watch when it’s time to complete a task. For each completed task, kids can score points, which can turn doing their chores into a fun game!

Price: $69

Buy it here: HeyJoy.io https://www.heyjoy.io/

2. Kiddo

Ages 3-8

Kiddo is a health and fitness tracker made just for kids! Kiddo measures your kid’s biometrics, like heart rate and perspiration. The data links up to an app on their parent’s phone via bluetooth, so they’ll know when their child is getting sick, feeling stressed, or could do with more daily physical activity. It also comes with preloaded games and customizable top covers. The Kiddo watch is available for preorder now, and ships in Spring 2018.

Price: $99

Preorder it here: Kiddowear.com http://www.kiddowear.com/

3. Kidizoom Smartwatch DX2

Ages 4-12

The Kiddizoom has a rear and front facing camera – perfect for snapping selfies and capturing video – as well as photo filters and games like Monster Catcher, which uses augmented reality to help kids find monsters in the real world. Oh, and it also tells time! But who wears a watch for that?!

Price: $42.99 – $59.99

Buy it here: VTechkids.com https://www.vtechkids.com/product/detail/18025/Kidizoom_Smartwatch_DX2

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