3 spots in your home you didn’t know were filthy

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By: Lindsey Granger | Jessica Robertson Posted: 6:20 PM, May 1, 2017

We all try to keep our homes nice and clean, but let's face it: there can be a lot of stuff to clean! And we're not just talking about the obvious stuff like floors, counters, and toilet seats. Did you know there could be germs gathering around your house in places you wouldn't think to look? Don't get creeped! Get clean! Lindsey Granger and the Queen of Clean have the dirt on the 3 places you wouldn't expect germs to be and how to evict them in no time.

1. Your Ice Maker

Ice makers can pick up a lot of dirt and debris as you open and close the freezer door over the course of the week. Not to mention it can get moldy and smell like mildew – no, thanks! To keep it clean, spray a room temperature ice maker with a mixture of vinegar and peroxide to kill germs better than bleach!

2. Your Remote

Did you know there can be more bacteria on your remote than on your toilet seat? Gross! Don't worry though – you can channel surf in safety by using Listerine – yup, the mouthwash!

3. Your Trashcan Lid

Trash can get dirty, we all know that. But the can that keeps all those germs at bay can get dirty too! Don't forget to clean your trash can once a week. Rubbing alcohol is all you'll need!

Big thanks to The Queen of Clean and Legend Technical Services!

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