3 steps to become an obstacle racing world champion

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By: Jared Cotter | Dave Taylor Posted: 9:49 PM, Mar 15, 2017

Get ready for fun and mud! Annual participation in obstacle races has now surpassed that of half and full marathons combined. Hobie Call has won more than 50 of them and just won his third Spartan Race World Championship this past year — so the guy knows how to make training look good. He is sharing his racing tips with Jared Cotter.

1.  You’re Not Out There Alone

Everybody's out there to help each other. You're not looking up at an 8 foot wall thinking how I am going to get up there. There's going to be someone on top of that wall pulling you up and at the bottom pushing you up. It’s not you versus these obstacles — it's you and a group of your new friends verses these obstacles and with the teamwork, you can get through it.

2.  They’re Just Like You

Most of the people think they're not athletic superstars — they're just everyday people, people who never work out, who are 50 pounds overweight. These are the people who don't eat healthy like they should be, but they're out there and by helping each other and they're getting through it just like you can.

3.  Join a Team

Go on social media. There are teams all over. There's just something about when you're with a team — you hold each other accountable, you make sure you get there and you know you've got people there who have your back and you've got their back because you're part of this team.

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