3 steps to making wine taste better with Vinome

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By: Lindsey Granger Posted: 7:42 PM, Aug 28, 2017

Science has helped make our lives easier in a lot of ways and now its making picking the right wine easier too. Vinome is a company that uses DNA testing to find the right wine for your body's palate. Lindsey Granger is showing you how a little bit of science can make your wine go a long way in just a few steps, with the help of Vinome co-founder Shannon Kieran.

Step 1: Spit Shine

When you get a DNA kit, you'll also get a small collection tube that you'll put saliva in, seal up, and send back to the company. When they test your saliva, they'll look at 10 genes related to smell and taste to find out what your body is more inclined to like.

Step 2: The Big Reveal

When you get your test results in about 4-6 weeks, you'll receive an easy to read list of what flavors your body likes in its wine. The test looks for every flavor profile under the sun, from fruitier melon and berry tastes, to more understated flavors like nuts and chocolate.

Step 3: Use Your Knowledge

Once you know what your body likes in its wines, you can expand your wine rack with new and different flavors. If you still think you might pick up the wrong wine (as if there is one), Vinome can curate bottles of wines for you, depending on what your results say. You'll be able to easily find your flavor profiles and match it with wines they recommend for those tastes.

Get to know your personal wine palette by picking up a Vinome DNA kit for around $80.

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