3 success stories that prove YOUR dreams can come true

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By: Dave Taylor | Frenchie Aguilh Posted: 7:46 PM, Mar 3, 2017

If you like vibing to sweet beats and you like being inspired, we’re introducing you to someone you've gotta meet. He’s Chesney Snow – overcomer of tough times and Broadway's newest star.

In this new video from Elite Daily, we learn that he's been homeless and jobless but never gave up on his dream to perform. We’ve all had tough times and we’ve all had moments where we weren’t sure if we’d get to be who we want to be in life. But that doesn’t mean our visions for ourselves aren’t impossible. Here are 3 other people who beat the odds, like Snow, followed their passions and had it pay off in a big way.

1. Jennifer Lopez

 J-Lo is a Vegas staple now, but when she was 18, she had a falling out with her mother over not wanting to go to college so she could be a full time dancer. She ended up having to sleep on the couch at her dance studio, but her “This is what I have to do,” motto kept her moving as much as her dancing feet did, and soon her rocket to her current success took off from there, starting with her getting a job as a Fly Girl for In Living Color.

2. Jewel

Singer Jewel was living in her car for over a year while she was working to get noticed as a singer-songwriter in California. Jewel credits her “pervasive pioneer spirit” as one of the things that kept her going until she signed her record deal with Atlantic records. Now she continues to advocate for homeless individuals and continues to inspire.

3. Steve Harvey

Steve Harvey is a household name nowadays, but in the late 80’s, while he was trying to gain attention as a stand up comedian, he was homeless for three years. “But I had faith it would turn around…I kept believing I was going to make it,” he said, giving himself motivation he needed to keep trying, eventually ending up on Showtime at the Apollo, and the rest was history.

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