3 Successful Ways to Adopt a Five-Hour Workday

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By: Jimmy Rhoades Posted: 9:54 PM, Aug 29, 2016

The average American clocks in around 9.4 hours a day, and does two to three hours of actual work. What if you condensed all your time into a shorter day? Stephan Aarstol is the founder of Tower Paddle Boards, alumni of ABC's Shark Tank and author of The Five Hour Workday. Stephan's employees only work five hours a day. Here are three ways he’s able to maintain a successful business using this model.

1.  Hours

It's 8 a.m. to 1 p.m. with no lunch. That saves a lot of time, because just planning where you're going to go eat takes time. So you've compressed that down to five hours. That changes life. It's not just about your GDP (Gross Happiness Product). It's about the quality of life!

2.  Pay

Does half the hours mean half the pay? How do people make a living? Everybody at Tower Paddle Board is on salary. So they basically doubled the per-hour earning of employees overnight with no cost to the company.

3.  Workflow

You’re just going to be judged on output. The point is to get your work done and get out of there. You’ll get all of your projects finished and really be able to have a balance in life. It’s a win for you and the company.

If this all sounds good, pitch your boss on doing a three-month test. Tower Paddle Board rolled it out as summer hours, and then in the fall they were going to roll it back. It worked so great for them that they didn't have to roll it back. The beauty of the test is that when you roll it back to eight hours, you have basically three months of all your employees being efficiency experts.

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