3 super kids saving the world for future generations

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By: Jared Cotter | Jessica Robertson Posted: 6:19 PM, Mar 14, 2017

Plastic is a substance the Earth cannot digest and every bit of plastic that has ever been created still exists. It's not just the oceans that need help. There are some unexpected people doing something about it. Jared Cotter has three pint-sized super heroes that are saving the world for future generations.

1.  Charlotte Weir – Cleaning the Ocean

This super 13-year-old spent her early childhood living on a boat. There she formed a connection with the ocean creatures and the ocean itself. She's teamed up with the Plastic Pollution Coalition to clean up Central America and Indonesia, just to name a few. Over the course of about 10 days they collected about 60 huge bags of plastic pollution. She's not done. Charlotte recently lobbied her home state of Maryland to stop the use of single-use Styrofoam products.

2.  Amelia Bingochea – Helping the Homeless

This super 16-year-old is a corporal in the Junior ROTC and the top-ranked female archer in Arizona. She also helps feed over 800 homeless people every month through the nonprofit, Phoenix on Cloud Nine. Amelia is raised by an immigrant mother and this inspired her to help others build a life. Even though they may be struggling, or they may seem like they have issues, they're all just the same human as we are. All they need is just a little help and maybe just a little care.

3.  Kenneth Shinozuka – Aiding the Elderly

One young man is easing the effects of Alzheimer's disease. Around 16-years-old Kenneth started developing technologies to help the elderly. By the age of 15 he had become an entrepreneur and a CEO. His grandfather had Alzheimer's for over 12 years and toward the end of his life he started wandering a lot out of his bed. This caused many sleepless nights for his family and life-threatening accidents so Kenneth created the Safe Wander button sensor. It works by detecting a change in the body position when your loved one rises from bed and sends an alert to your mobile device before his or her feet land on the floor. The gadget has detected 100 percent of his grandfather's wanderings and has benefited caregivers around the world.

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