3 Surprising Places to Surf Some Rad Waves

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By: Dave Taylor Posted: 9:30 PM, Sep 27, 2017

It's time to catch a wave, but not at the usual spots. There are actually some radical surfing locations all around the world that don't get enough credit, until today. Here are three surprising places you can surf some epic waves.

1.  Surfing the monstrous Waves of Ireland

Ireland has started to gain popularity with avid surfers because of the amazing waves created by the Atlantic seaboard.

2.  Hanging Ten With Dubai’s Tight-Knit Surfing Community

Dubai might be known for the luxurious lifestyle, but you can catch 3 to 5 foot waves all over this fancy city in the United Arab Emirates.

3.  Surfing in the Great Lakes

Michigan has become a hot spot for surfers all over the world now. The waves are actually created by storm systems. Now that's cool!

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