3 Surprising Ways to Change Lives with Coupons

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By: Kristina Guerrero | Meredith Witthar Posted: 6:05 PM, Nov 14, 2017

Hurricane Harvey may be over, but the devastation isn't. One woman is doing what she can to help victims by putting her extreme couponing skills to work. Kimberly Gager loves shopping and she doesn't mess around when she does it. Kristina Guerrero is talking with her to get three ways to shop and help make the world a better place at the same time.

1.  Finding the Coupons

A lot of flyers because a lot of flyers come out around a week or two weeks before the sales start. Start out by looking through them. That way you can prep for an upcoming shopping trip and know what you're buying and when. But you can also turn to social media to help you find coupons. You can find Facebook groups in your area to help you find the best deals. Mixing multiple coupons is where you can really pinch pennies.

2.  One Item

When you're combining coupons, it can get confusing. It's easier to focus on one item while you're sharpening your skills. If you're looking for toothpaste or that's the sale that week, go in for toothpaste and leave. Don't buy toothpaste, mouthwash and deodorant. Just get the item you have the coupon for.

3.  Stock Up

Kim has stockpiles of her own non-perishables and that's how she's been able to focus on others. If you find a really good deal you can buy in bulk so you're prepared for anything or you can help others when tragedy hits.

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