3 sweet dance battle videos to get you groovin’

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By: Dave Taylor | Frenchie Aguilh Posted: 8:17 PM, Mar 8, 2017

We all spend a lot of time sitting still: sitting at our desks at work; the kids sitting at their desks at school. After hours of being stuck in our chairs, it's important to go out and move a little – or a lot. Get inspired to groove by watching these kids bust out their moves at recess in this video by filmmaker and songwriter Scott Winn.


We are down with these kids getting down! If this song got your toes tapping, check out Scott Winn's album, "We Came to Dance" on ITunes or on Amazon! And if you want to see more sweet dance battles, check out these three poppin' and lockin' videos from Scott and his dance partners.

1. Cowboy vs. Outlaw

We watch an outlaw fight for a lady's honor in this battle video. But our hero doesn't fight with guns – he fights with tough, Western inspired dance moves. Grab your cowboy boots and take a look.

2. Geeks vs. Cool Kids

Which team will you root for? Put on your letterman jackets and your pocket protectors and relive your favorite high school movie musical with this dance battle.

3. Harry Potter vs. Twilight

It's a battle that rages on between book readers and now it rages on the dance floor. See what happens when the Harry Potter crew takes on Bella, Edward, and Jacob. Bonus: A glimpse of what Hagrid looks like getting down.

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