3 Sweet Hacks to Hangover Proof Your Wine

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By: Bradley Hasemeyer | Todd Covelli Posted: 6:47 PM, Sep 20, 2016

If you're ever a little woozy the morning after a few glasses of wine, it may be more than overindulgence… You could be having an allergic reaction, but don't put that glass down just yet. Bradley Hasemeyer and Total Wine’s Mark Massimi have three hacks to hangover proof your wine.

1.  The Wine Wand

It gets rid of the histamines which are prevalent in red wines. Essentially, it uses a micro filter to remove them and this will cut down your chances of getting a hangover. They start at around $18 for a pack of eight.

2.  Just The Wine

With white wine, the sulfites are put in to preserve the wine. They are a natural preservative, but some people are sensitive to them. With three drops of Just The Wine you will neutralize the sulfates and will be less likely to get sick. Each bottle contains enough for 25 glasses  and the price is around $6.

3.  Blender

Get rid of sediment, which has been reported to cause headaches, by decanting. Put your wine in a blender and you will add more air to your wine. This trend is called hyperdecanting and it only takes one minute to do.

CHEERS to no more hangovers!

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