3 things you love that are a little cheaper in 2017

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By: Jared Cotter | Kristina Guerrero | Dave Taylor | Frenchie Aguilh Posted: 7:23 PM, Aug 14, 2017

It might seem like prices for the essentials and our favorite things are getting higher and higher as the year goes on, but Jared Cotter and Kristina Guerrero have found 3 things you usually shell out for that are actually getting cheaper, from airfare to concert tickets, even to your pizza!

1. Fly High, Pay Less

Starting August 22nd, you can get plane tickets for around 11-20% cheaper than usual! Hooray for out-of-peak season flights! Now you actually can afford to make it to that family reunion coming up before the end of the year…

Whether that's good news to you or not, though, we can't say…

2. Party Like a Rockstar without a Rockstar Budget

Amazon is looking to partner with concert venue owners to sell event tickets, which could mean fewer ticket fees for you and more cash for concert merch! What are bands making t-shirts out of that make them so expensive, anyway? Dreams?

3. More Pizza for Less Gluten

Gluten allergy sufferers, rejoice – Papa Johns is now making gluten-free pies! While we aren't sure how much cheaper these might be than your regular gluten pizza, they definitely might be cheaper…in quality: The pizza powerhouse can't guarantee the pizza is gluten-free since the dough might come in contact with regular dough, making the gluten-free pizzas…not so gluten-free…


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