3 Things You Need to Master A New Instrument

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By: Jared Cotter Posted: 10:16 PM, Nov 29, 2017

If learning how to play a musical instrument will be a New Years Resolution for you in 2018, you've got to see these 3 new gadgets that will help you get to jammin' in no time.

1. Piano Hi-Lite

Perfect for anyone looking to tickle some ivories, the Piano Hi-Lite lays on top of the keys of your piano or keyboard. When you select a tutorial, the keys you need to hit light up on the board, helping you learn notes at the same time you learn how to play. It can even pair with your smart phone to let you choose from video lessons, sheet music, or play games that help you learn!

2. Fret X

Looking to become the master of your guitar? Think about picking up Fret X. This 21st century guitar teacher features LED lights that attach to the neck of any guitar to show you where to place your fingers – meaning you're learning chords and songs while you play in no time at all. You can also upload songs you want to learn to the Fret X app and Fret X will show you how to play them with its LEDs!

Get ready to get shredding by picking up the Fret X here for around $50.

3. Soundbrenner Pulse

Worried you can't keep a beat long enough to jam out on any instrument? There's a device for that! Meet the world's first smart, wearable metronome. Powered by vibrations, the metronome goes on your wrist and emits steady vibrations to help you stay on beat – instead of annoying you with those old-fashioned, clicking timekeepers. With the Soundbrenner Pulse, you'll be toe tappin' in no time – and look stylish doing it!

You can pick up the Soundbrenner Pulse here for around $99.

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