3 Times Movies Shook Up the Marketing World

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Posted: 8:57 PM, Oct 20, 2017

McDonalds, for one day only, released Szechuan Sauce that was featured on an episode of the kooky cartoon Rick and Morty. It was a hit and certainly boosted profits even if it was for only a day and this phenomenon has happened quite a bit on the big screen as well. Today on the Buzz List Teresa Strasser gives us a look at three times movies made products lose or make cash money.

3.  Reese's Pieces – E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial

Hershey's experienced a 65 percent increase in sales after their candy appeared in the movie. A million dollar E.T. themed ad campaign didn't hurt, either. The big loser in all this, Mars, Inc. Spielberg originally wanted M&M's for the film, but the candy giant passed.

2.  Merlot – Sideways

Merlot variety of wine experienced a decrease in consumption after this scene from the movie, “If anybody orders merlot I’m leaving. I am not drinking and BLEEPING merlot.”

1.  Mini Cooper – The Italian Job

Car sales for the Mini increased 22 percent after seeing the awesome chase scenes in the film.

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