3 Times Our Heart Dropped During This Free-Climb

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By: Jaime Purvis | Travis Oscarson Posted: 3:07 PM, Sep 2, 2016

We've seen some pretty intense stunts, but this one takes the cake. Ivan invites his girlfriend Angela to free-climb one of the world's highest construction sites in China. The GoPro footage gives us a first-person look of what it is like to scale almost 2,100 feet up in the air. Not going to lie, our hands were sweating the entire time!

Here are the three scariest moments:

1. When he looks over the edge

He's not even all the way up and it's still scary.

2. When he looks down and his girlfriend is behind him

Why isn't she in front?!

3. When they give one last hug "just in case" and keep climbing


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