3 tips for becoming a successful mystery shopper

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By: Lindsey Granger Posted: 5:32 PM, Mar 1, 2017

Making extra money by eating a gourmet meal or taking a cruise? It’s possible if you become a mystery shopper. Lindsey Granger and MSPA Americas’ Michael Mershimer have three winning tips to be successful in this mysterious profession.

1.  Work Your Way Up

It's important to understand that you start small. Beginners start with fast food and supermarkets, but as you become more trusted then, you're going to get the bigger and better shops. The pay for grocery store secret shopping is $5 to $15 for less than an hour of your time, but once you work your way up the ladder, you can make much more.

2.  Build Your Mystery Brand

It's all about branding yourself as a professional mystery shopper, not somebody that's here today and gone tomorrow. Set yourself apart with reports that are clear, accurate and detailed. You can also up your game by getting certified by the mystery shopper providers association, like MSPA Americas, for $25.

3.  Getting Paid Depends on Performance

If you do a great job and your report is written well, you're going to get your full pay and reimbursed for any expense. If you make mistakes and there's suspicion you didn't actually go to the store you're going to get removed as a mystery shopper. Also, remember that if you reveal your secret shopper status, your payment could be in jeopardy. So keep it a mystery!

WEB BONUS:  Red Flags to Watch Out For

1.  Do Not Fall For Unsolicited Offers

No mystery shopping company pays you in advance for doing the work.

2.  Advanced Pay

Any cash advance offers where they're advancing you pay is a big red flag.

3.  Requests for Wire Transfers

Any kind of request for wire transfers is another major red flag you're going to look for.

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