3 Tips for Giving Advice to Your Adult Kids From a Professional Mom

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By: Kristina Guerrero | Jessica Robertson | Frenchie Aguilh Posted: 11:46 PM, Sep 21, 2017

Kids can be hard enough to figure out when they're little, let alone trying to figure them out when they're all grown up. If you want to be the cool mom or dad, but aren't sure how, Kristina Guerrero talked to Nina Keneally about her newest service, Need A Mom, and how she gives motherly guidance to those who need it – and how you can give that guidance too.

1. Mom Advice: Romantic Relationship

Not sure how to talk to your adult kids about dating, without it feeling weird? Nina's advice to parents looking to be better at dating conversations is to ask the right questions and make sure you're listening. Sometimes kids just need to talk things out to figure them out themselves, but moms can help by being willing to let their kids bounce ideas and feelings off of them.

2. How to Give Good Advice About Work

When it comes to issues at work, adult kids might not know how to talk to their bosses about what they feel is wrong, so they might talk to you. Something to remember about your kids and their jobs is that part of their issue might be that they don't feel understood or supported by their boss or coworkers; so, when you're giving advice, make sure you use words and give tips that don't make your adult kid feel talked down to.

Make sure to emphasize that you believe in your kid's ability to make things better, which can help build their work-related confidence.

3. How to Give Good Advice About Talking to You

Sometimes kids don't know how to talk to their parents about certain topics, even if they want to. So before you give them advice about coming to you, think about how you felt talking to your parents about certain things and let them know that you understand if they don't always want to talk, but really emphasize that you're willing to talk about anything – but don't become a helicopter parent.

When it comes to giving advice, make sure you're giving suggestions and ideas, but you aren't telling your kid what to do. It's important that adult kids learn to solve problems by themselves – but it's also important that they feel supported and listened to by their parents, especially during those times when they don't feel supported or listened to by anyone else.

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