3 Tips on How to Sit, Curtsy & Act Like a Royal

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By: Kristina Guerrero | Meredith Witthar Posted: 6:15 PM, Jan 22, 2018

Learning how to sit, curtsy and eat like a royal isn’t as easy as it looks! Meghan Markle is marrying Prince Harry on May 19th. But before that date, the American actress will be learning quite a bit on how to become a royal. With the help of etiquette expert SueAnn Brown, here are three ways to channel your inner king or queen!

1. How to Curtsy and Greet Royals

Step one of princess protocol is learning how to greet people properly. In the States we hug, shake hands, and even high-five. But that’s not gonna work in England. Instead, a good, firm handshake with a smile and eye contact will put you in good graces. Now, when greeting a royal, the key is to curtsy! In England one curtsies when greeting any royalty, and Meghan will do so to anyone who ranks above her, including her in-laws. What’s the right way to curtsy? You place one foot forward, bend both knees, and bow your head. SueAnn says the longer and lower you curtsey, the more respect you show.  

2. How to Sit Like a Princess

What’s the correct way to sit like a noble? First, never lean back in your chair and never cross your legs. Those are big no-no’s! Instead, leave three inches between your back and the back of the chair, and cross your feet at the ankles. Or if you feel like getting super fancy, try doing the duchess slant, which is done by leaning slightly to the side so that you’re sitting at an angle. It might not be the most comfortable pose, but it sure looks regal!

3. How to Dine Like a Duchess

Third on our list is a lesson in dignified dining. Table manners are important! “We always want to take our napkin and unfold it halfway,” instructs SueAnne. “And then we put it on our lap with the fold on top.” Also make sure to wipe your mouth with the inside of the napkin, which will keep your looks looking nice and clean. When it comes to eating your food, it’s all about the continental style of dining. “They actually put their fork in the food and cut in front, but we don't get rid of our knife,” our expert explains. And in case you’re wondering, the royals don’t stab their food when they eat. “Basically she has to balance it on the back of her fork so she'll have some really tiny bites.” And that is not easy!

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