3 Tips to Avoid Fighting with Your Partner Over Household Chores

A new study by Harvard Business School says that 25% of people who get divorced cite “housework disagreements” as the primary reason they split up! So we spoke with Daniel Carlson, a professor of consumer and family studies, who showed us how to negotiate those chores and avoid fighting.


1. Determine Your Split

First up, determine your split. “Generally speaking, if you share a task, that's associated with better relationships quality,” shares Daniel. “For women, doing the dishes really seemed to resonate in a negative way with them.” And for men, the most hated task was shopping. "People seem to be pretty happy as long as they're not the ones stuck doing the tasks,” he adds. So how you're splitting things is key.


2. Establish Work Hours

Number two – establish blocks of time when you both work…at the same time! Because if you're cleaning while your partner’s chillaxing, someone’s gonna get in trouble. “When there's feeling of inequity, that tends to lower relationship quality,” Dan reveals.


One fun tip you can try is making a chore chart. "Even though these tasks aren't necessarily fun to do, you can do them together, and that becomes the foundation of a good relationship,” Daniel offers. “Just spending time doing things, and in this instance housework.”


3. Hire it Out

The third tip on our list? Hire it out! Easy-to-use services like TaskRabbit let you outsource a helping hand. “Giving up some of our discretionary income in order to have more time can promote happiness,” says Ashley Whillans of Harvard’s Business School. She found that buying time promotes relationship satisfaction. So if you and bae constantly fight over domestic duties, spending a little money on chores might be worth it!


Having trouble swapping that beer for a broom? Well, now you’ve got three ways to negotiate those chores and avoid fighting.


How do YOU avoid fighting? Tell us in the comments below!


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