3 Totally Wacky Ways to Cook

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By: Dave Taylor Posted: 8:19 PM, Sep 25, 2017

Yes folks, this is happening. Mike Criscimagna and Alex Punch from the popular YouTube channel This is Mythical wore crab hands while they made crab cakes. Not surprisingly, it made things a lot more difficult. You can see all the hilarity take place in the video below.

Here are three more totally wacky ways to cook by This is Mythical:

1.  Cooking Tacos While Duct Taped Together

Grace Helbig, Hannah Hart and Mamrie Hart are having the ultimate bonding experience here. This one could actually make for a fun family activity. Just be sure to hide any sharp objects in the kitchen.

2.  Cooking a Pizza with Power Tools

Looks fun cooking with power tools, but who would eat the final product?

3.  Baking Pancake Cupcakes

Lily Neal just might be on to something here. They both have CAKE in them, right?

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