3 travel comfort necessities to keep you rested on the road

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By: Donna Ruko | Orlando Morales Posted: 6:57 PM, Jun 15, 2017

Love taking long trips but hate having to use your hoodie/kid's stuffed animal/empty McDonald's bag as a pillow? Sleep is important, even when adventuring on the open road or in the skies! Make sure you're well rested enough to see new sites by taking along these 3 travel comforts.

1. Voyage Pillow

This pillow is the Swiss Army Knife of travel comfort companions. No matter what your travel sleep position, this pillow has got your back (and neck; and head). And if you're a fan of the cushy feel of microbeads, you'll want to consider trying this one out. Pre-order the Voyage Pillow for around $23; you can expect to have it shipped sometime this month.

2. Woollip

It's a pillow with a silly name but a pretty great purpose. Getting comfy on a plane for a nap can be pretty hard – if you can't get comfortable resting against the seat, you have to become an engineer to finagle a makeshift pillow to use on your tray table. But now Woollip can take all that work out of getting comfy for you! Jet set and get some rest with this pillow for around $55.

3. The Duo

If you love compactness of blow-up pillows but hate how long it takes to pump them up, pick up The Duo travel pillow. Leave your air mattress battery and heavy huffing at home – this pillow blows up in less than 4 breaths! It also features two comfort settings for you to use depending on your nap needs. The Duo will be going for around $30 – preorder it now and expect it to ship in July.

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