3 trending stories that give you an excuse to stay home from work

Work is important: it helps us pay the bills, it helps us meet new people – but that doesn't mean you want to be there every day. If you've used up all your fake illness excuses, Jared Cotter and Kristina Guerrero have 3 other reasons you can tell your boss you can't make it in today…*cough cough*

1. Eclipsing On Company Time

Sure, the big 2017 eclipse already happened, and, on average, employees took 20 minutes to take a look, costing employers big bucks. But you can still use the eclipse as a way to get out of work. Just tell your boss that you were chosen by NASA to be a citizen scientist and must collect more data about the eclipse for their app.

Citizen scientists are real things; and no one is going to dispute that NASA needs data. You're welcome.

2. Sky Shopping

Recently, Amazon patented a blimp warehouse and now a big box store you know is looking to do the same thing. While it sounds a little futuristically creepy, it also gives you the perfect excuse to stay home from work!

Tell your boss that you have to stay home for an important delivery that won't get dropped off if you aren't home – which could be true! A strong enough wind, and your new cloth potholders being delivered from the sky might end up in a neighbor's yard.

3. Car Shopping

Uber has partnered with Cargo, a service that turns your rideshare ride into a convenience store. The service will let you order snacks and necessities while you're getting a ride, and the driver will be able to give them to you!

Get out of work with this one by telling your boss that your car wouldn't start and you had to Uber to work but you couldn't get one because they were all out getting supplies. It's a bit of a stretch, but we've heard worse…

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