3 Trends from the ’90s That Are Too Legit Too Quit

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By: Lindsey Granger Posted: 7:12 PM, Oct 5, 2017

Power Rangers, wide leg pants and backwards baseball caps defined the 1990s and we still don’t know why, but today Lindsey Granger and Global Grind's BlogXilla are looking at ‘90s trends that just won't go away because they are too legit too quit.

1.  TV

Many networks like VH1 and MTV are still airing reruns of popular ‘90s shows like Martin and Fresh Prince of Bel-Air because a lot of the younger generation wants to know what their parents were watching. Full House even returned with Fuller House. TV shows were awesome in the 1990s so this is a great thing!

2.  Fashion

Trends like chokers are back everywhere and even mom jeans are cool again, under the title "high waisted" pants. Baggy clothes are back in the fray as well. The Gigi Hadid's and all these girls who are wearing boyfriend jeans, they're plucking that style from the ‘90s, from the TLC's from the Aaliyah's and it's good to see it come back.

3.  Hair

There's certain things from the 1990s that belong in the ‘90s and NSYNC's hair is one of them. We never thought that NFL star Odell Beckham would take off his hat and have frosted tips. The Janet Jackson goddess braids are one of the greatest things to come out of the ‘90s and we want to see more of that.

What's the one trend for the '90s that you hope never comes back? Join the conversation!