3 Twinning Fashion Tips to Dress Like Your Kid

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By: Bradley Hasemeyer | Elyse Johnson Posted: 7:58 PM, Oct 27, 2016

There's a hot new fashion trend in Hollywood. Everyone from Beyoncé to Kim Kardashian is dressing like their child.

Bradley Hasemeyer and stylist Julie Xander have three trendy tips so you can rock this same style with your little ones.

1.  Match Your Shoes and Socks

You can do it yourself or Target has a brand called Pair of Thieves that sells them together. There are a variety of athleisure shoe companies that offer kid and adult sizes and you can match socks with Pair of Thieves, available at Target.

2.  Accessories

From sunglasses to hats and headbands, these small additions really sell the look!

3.  Similar Themes

Another fun way to match your child is by dressing in a theme. Try a bohemian chic style or even rock the rocker look. Mix it up and have fun. Your children will love it!

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