3 Unique Twists on 3 Traditional Holiday Sips

Half of the fun of the holiday season is diving into tasty drinks that warm you up. But if you're bored by the same old, same old when it comes to holiday themed drinks, Lindsey Granger did the tasty research and found 3 ways you can make those old school holiday beverages shine in ways you've never seen before.

1. Ice Cream Egg Nog

Put a new twist on the classic cup of holiday egg nog by making it with an ice cream base, this year! To make, set your stove to medium heat: then add cream, milk, and sugar. Give everything a good stir, then add your nutmeg and whisk for about 4 minutes. After you see your pot start to steam, toss in your egg yolks and whisk quickly.

Cook everything until its temperature reads 175 degrees, then pour your 'nog into a mug, top with whipped cream, and enjoy.

BONUS: Want to get your 'nog a little boozy for the grown ups?

After putting your egg nog in its serving glass, add in 1/3 of a cup (or your preferred amount) of rum, brandy, or bourbon as a floater on top. Then stir . For some extra boozy fun, experiment with different flavors of alcohol, like peach, mint, or cinnamon, to really bring in that holiday flavor.

2. Spicy Hot Chocolate

Did you know when the Maya first created their hot chocolate, their cocoa was made with a bit of a kick? You can make your hot chocolate the old, old, old-fashioned way by adding some paprika to the classic mix.

Put a pot on the stove over high heat, then add milk, paprika, and chocolate sauce to the pot. Let the ingredients heat up for around 3-4 minutes, then pour your chocolate into a mug, and dollop on some whipped cream.

3. Cider 2.0

Give your classic cider a makeover by making it with pumpkin! Cut up some pumpkin into quarters, then top them with pumpkin spice and bake them for one hour. Then, into a pot, pour in some unfiltered apple juice.

Add in some clove, nutmeg, cinnamon sticks, and vanilla bean. Then spice things up by adding the essence of oranges. Once your pumpkins have finished baking, add them to your pot. Then boil the mix for at least an hour, to mix all that autmuny goodness together. Once your cider's don boiling, serve it right up and enjoy.

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