3 unique ways to infuse coffee into your day-to-day life

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By: Lindsey Granger Posted: 3:30 PM, Aug 22, 2017

The United States is the world's biggest consumer of coffee with about 83 percent of the country drinking it. It’s so popular now that it’s gone beyond drinking it. Lindsey Granger and Dr. Anthony Balduzzi have three coffee-infused products you should know about.

1.  Coffee Shampoo

Coffee shampoo won't get you energized like drinking a cup of coffee will, but there is some research that the caffeine in a coffee shampoo can actually stimulate some hair growth. The caffeine in the shampoo actually might block a compound called DHT that causes hair loss.

2.  Coffee Soap

Coffee itself is a really good exfoliate, but in addition there are polyphenols, antioxidants and tannins that can help really tone your skin and provide a lot of antioxidant support.

3.  Coffee Bed Sheets

Bamboo coffee bedding is extremely breathable and fast-drying. It can wick away moisture and night sweat 50 percent faster than cotton! A company called Ettitude turns recycled coffee grounds into yarn to make the sheets. Coffee has some cool properties to it that can actually help reduce odors so you might actually have a better night's sleep because you do not smell weird smells.

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